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Puglia – Italy

September / October 2021

This website contains short daily impressions of my Puglia trip with unedited photos.

Day 1

Flight from Zurich to Brindisi

View of the South Tyrol

Croatian islands


After arriving I was hungry and ate this wonderful octopus salad.

First view of the famous baroque church Basilica di Santa Croce

City impression

Day 2

Basilica di Santa Croce

Palazzo del Governo

Church Chiesa del Gesù

Church Chiesa di Santa Irene

Church Chiesa di Santa Chiara

A courtyard

Church Chiesa di San Matteo

Cattedrale Maria Santissima Assunta – the cathedral of Lecce

The crypt

Palazzo del Seminario


Day 3

Walk through Lecce

Restaurant La Bocca Bistrot

In the evening I ate an excellent pork belly at the restaurant La Bocca Bistrot near the city gate Porta San Biagio.

Day 4

Travel by train to Otranto.


Cathedral Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata

The church is famous for its 12th century floor mosaic, which covers the entire church and depicts a tree of life and episodes from the Old Testament.

My dinner was a bread with raw tuna. So fresh …

Day 5

The church Chiesa di San Pietro

The Byzantine church of Saint Peter, dating back to the 9th or 10th century, was probably the first church of Otranto. It is famous for its wonderful frescoes.

Lago di Bauxite

A few kilometers outside the city is this now abandoned bauxite mining area.

Fronte Mare Restaurant

I enjoyed this excellent tuna fillet for dinner.

The city fortification

Day 6

I continued by train to Gallipoli.


On an upcoming holiday, the statue of St. Agatha was carried into the church of St. Agatha.

Lazzaro & Caterina Restaurant

I love oysters!

A small portion of gourmet spaghetti

I had a spumone for dessert, an Italian specialty ice cream made up of layers of different colors and flavors, usually containing candied fruit and nuts.

An evening walk through Gallipoli

The statue of St. Agatha in her church

Day 7

A typical Puglian breakfast

Preparation of a wedding

The port

An olive oil mill

The olive oil from Gallipoli was in high demand as lamp oil all over Europe, because it hardly smelled.

The church Rettoria Santa Maria della Purità

Evening walk

Day 8

This diesel-powered vehicle is in service between Otranto and Gallipoli.


Taranto is not a tourist town. Here I could get to know the real southern Italy, not dressed up for the tourists.

Fishermen on the quay, with the city’s huge steel mill in the background.

The archaeological museum of Taranto

All exhibits have been found in Taranto and its surroundings.

Trattoria Gente di Mare


Roman columns

Castello Aragonese

Day 9

Basilica Cattedrale San Cataldo vescovo


I took the Flixbus from Taranto to Matera.


In 1952 the inhabitants were resettled from Matera because of the catastrophic hygienic conditions in the caves carved into the rock, the Sassi. Subsequently, Matera was uninhabited until the 1980s. New investment revitalized the historic town, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Osteria L’Arco

I was not able to move into the room yet. So I ordered this truffle pasta at the nearby osteria. An intense truffle smell reached my nose, which continued in my mouth. Heavenly!

Various Dali exhibits were displayed in the city.

A tomato soup at Tierra Restaurant

Day 10

On this day I explored the city further.

Michelin Star Restaurant ‘Vitantonio Lombardo’.

In the evening I ate at the Michelin-Star Restaurant ‘Vitantonio Lombardo’. The visit to the gourmet temple is described at this link.

Day 11

By train I traveled on to Bari.


Cattedrale di San Sabino

The crypt

Le Muse e il Mare Restaurant


Day 12

Walk through the city of Bari

The fishing port

A fisherman who wanted to be photographed wearing my hat.

Basilica San Nicola

Day 13

Castello Svevo

The crypt of the Cattedrale di San Sabino

Day 14

A bus took me from Bari to Alberobello.


Truli houses built with easily removable roofs for tax reasons.

I stayed in this Truli house.

Day 15


On the bus ride from Alberobello to Monopoli I had to change buses in Locorotondo, so I got to know the pretty little town.


Cathedral Maria Santissima della Madia

My Wine Ristorante

This unassuming restaurant served remarkable dishes!


Sea Bass

72% Valrhona mousse with yuzu (a citrus species) and green tea ice cream

Outside of my order, the chef of the house brought me this celery ice cream. It tastes unusual, but it is a unique creation.

Night walk

Day 16

Chiesa Rettoria Santa Maria del Suffragio

Cattedrale Maria Santissima della Madia

A fisherman mending his net

I took the train from Monopoli to Ostuni.


Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia

27,000 year old skeletons have been found in the area.

Concattedrale Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo

City Hall in the colors of Italy

Day 17

A train took me from Ostuni to Brindisi.


This Roman column marks the end of the Via Appia. It connected Rome to Brindisi in the south and was one of the most strategically important roads in the Roman Empire.

Secca 48 Restaurant

Pasta colored with black ink of the squid. The white stripes are from the raw squid.

Assorted seafood

Tiramisu with hazelnuts

Day 18

This was the end of my Apulia trip.

Return journey to Switzerland

Return flight from Brindisi to Zurich with view over South Tyrol

After a week in Switzerland, I traveled again to Italy, this time to Venice.