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Il Convivio Troiani – Rome

June 2020

I visited the ‘Il Convivio Troiani’ Restaurant during my trip to Italy in June and July 2020.

Two days after my visit at the 2 Michelin-stars restaurant ‘Il Pagliaccio’ I wanted to visit another gourmet restaurant. I chose the one Michelin-star restaurant ‘Il Convivio Troiani’ because it was one of the few that were open in mid-June and the restaurant was only a 10 minute walk from my Airbnb apartment.

The three Troiani brothers opened their restaurant, first at a different address, in 1990 and three years later their efforts were rewarded with a Michelin star, which they have been able to keep ever since. In 2013 they decided to use mainly organic products and to pay attention to the origin and an environmentally friendly production method.

An elegant restaurant

I opted for the 7-course menu with wine accompaniment.

A good start

Amberjack fish, mayo almonds, black garlic

Crabs soup: coconut milk, zucchini, medlar, pepperoni and basil

Roman style monkfish tripe

Spaghetti pasta with clams, vedrina herbs, laggiasca olives

Homemade Pappardella stuffed with ricotta, hemp butter, mushrooms, blackberries and candied lemon

The cutlery for the meat course

Lamb BBQ, dashi sauce, almonds, peas

Puff pastry, nuts, pear, cream, oranges and violets

The bill

The restaurant has succeeded in reinterpreting classic dishes from the province of Lazio and from all over Italy on a high level. The Michelin star is justified in any case.


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