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Maldives – Mathiveri and Hangnaameedhoo Islands

Jan / Feb 2019

From Rasdhoo I took the local ferry to Mathiveri.

Mathiveri Island

The island, which is only a few hundred meters long and wide, has an offshore sandbank to which one can easily swim.

The Mathiveri offshore sandbank

On the sandbank

On a beach young Cowtail Stingrays can be observed from the shore.

The best snorkeling area is outside the harbor wall. There I encountered this Southern Reef Squid.

The half-day Manta Ray tour was a highlight of my visit to Mathiveri.

Local women exercise in full body clothes. In the background you can see the Nika Island Resort on the island Kudafolhudhoo.

Hangnaameedhoo Island

Since there is no direct ferry between Mathiveri and Hangnaameedhoo, I went by speedboat first to Male. The visit to the capital was a good opportunity to buy some things and change money. Another speedboat brought me to Hangnaameedhoo in the afternoon.

The way to the ‘Bikini’-beach and to the snorkeling area led through this small shipyard. Sometimes I could smell the solvents on the beach.

On all the islands, the women were responsible for cleaning the environment.


The reef of Hangnaameedhoo was one of the best on my Maldives trip, as these photos show.

A Boomerang Trigger Fish

A Peacock Rock Cod

A Leopard Flounder

A Blacktail Grub Fish


A Yellow-edged Lyretail

Maldive Anemonefishes

A Parrot fish

A sea cucumber

A Giant Moray

A White-spotted Eagle Ray

A Porcupine Fish

With the local ferry I traveled further to the island Omadhoo.

This website describes a part of my one month Maldives trip to the North and South Ari Atolls (also called Alif Alif and Alif Dhaal Atolls). You can find the beginning of the report of this trip here. At the end of the website a link leads to the next islands.


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