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January / February 2017

After Ethiopia I visited Kenya. Kenya has developed strongly since my last visit to this area in 1992 and is now comparable to countries in Southeast Asia.

Safari is expensive, nevertheless the park fees are constantly increasing. On the other hand, every year thousands of animals fall victim to poachers, so that tourists get to see fewer and fewer animals. Especially rhinos, elephants and big cats are affected. On my first trip in 1992 I saw several rhinos, on this trip none more.

Corruption is a big problem in Kenya

Masai Mara National Park

Vultures are going after the remains of a zebra

The lioness waits with the attack until the buffalo leaves the water hole. The buffalo survived the attack.

Masai men singing themselves into a trance

A Masai man in his hut

Lake Nakuru National Park

A Giraffe

Lake Baringo

Sunrise over Lake Baringo

A Nile crocodile warms up in the sun

Hell’s Gate National Park

A gorge in Hell’s Gate National Park

Elsamere Lodge at Lake Naivasha

A baboon …

… and a black-and-white colobus monkey

After one month in Kenya I traveled on to Tanzania.


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