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Il Pagliaccio – Rome

June 2020

I visited the ‘Il Pagliaccio’ Restaurant during my trip to Italy in June and July 2020.

Since hardly any gourmands came to Rome after the lock down, I was able to reserve a table only a few days before my visit in the second best restaurant in Rome with its 2-Michelin stars. Sports shoes were not allowed according to the dress code. So before visiting the restaurant I checked if my black sneakers would be accepted, which was the case.

The restaurant is located in a narrow alley in the old town of Rome, only about 1 km from our Airbnb apartment.

From the outside the restaurant looks inconspicuous.

An elegant interior

Unfortunately, the restaurant gave me only a piece of paper with a few, partly hardly readable, words after the meal. Even after several inquiries I did not receive any further explanations about the individual dishes. That is why most of the dishes are not described.

The bread

Bauzi, sturgeon, zucchini

Lobster and apricots

Idea of cheese

Besides many excellent wines I was served a special beer from the Trappist monastery ‘Tre Fontana’ in Rome as part of the wine accompaniment.

The bill amounted to € 248, which is usual for a restaurant of this kind. The food and drinks were a special experience. However, it is a pity that the restaurant was not able to provide descriptions of the courses.

To take away I received this box with sweets.

Two days later I visited the 1 Michelin-star restaurant ‘Il Convivio Troiani’.


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