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La Colombe – Cape Town

March 2017

La Colombe seems to be a must for every gourmet in Cape Town.

La Colombe Garden

Spiced Lamb, Durkah & Red Wine: The sauce was prepared before my eyes in the hot plate and could then be eaten with the bread.

Poached West Coast Oyster… – wow, the Oyster was fantastic.

Bavette Steak …

Tuna La Colombe, from the fake canned food tin


Ice Cream as Palate Cleanser

Pan seared linefish – oh, I already started eating when it crossed my mind that I should take the photo

Truffle poached petit poussin …

Three ages boerenkaas (cheese) – no photo (wasn’t that special either)

Dulce Namelaka …

All in all a good performance without lows. The wines were also good. Nevertheless, there is a big quality difference to the world’s best restaurants. The same menu was offered a year before and even in 2018 the can is still to be found on the homepage of the website. Innovation is therefore hardly taking place. The price with wine accompaniment, tips and coffee came to only CHF / USD 175. The price-performance ratio is correct.


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