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USA – Hawaii

May / June 2012

Coming from Australia, I spend one month on Hawaii.

Since I worked on this trip, I did not find the time to write a longer travel report. I had enough time to write texts to the photos.

The website with flower photos of Hawaii can be found here.

Island Oahu

Waikiki Beach


A Ford Mustang on the parking lot for disabled people

Duke Kahanamoku: The national hero of Hawaii was a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming and made the surf sport, which has always been known in Hawaii, popular worldwide.

The popular bar “Duke” is named after its national hero. I’ve been here many times.

The bar of the Yard House Restaurant with an immense selection of beer served by taps.

View from Sarento Restaurant

Waikiki Beach

Sunset at Waikiki Beach

Diamond Head

View from Diamond Head

On the right side of the picture is the Wailiki beach

Hawaii Island (Big Island)

Night snorkeling with manta rays

Snorkeling with the manta rays at Kona! One of the best things I’ve ever done!

Snorkeling with sea turtles

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

… and after sunset

Cooled lava from an eruption about 20 years ago

Akaka Waterfall

Botanical gardens

Kauai Island

Wailua Falls

Waimea Canyon


Kauai South Shore

Spouting Horn: Sea water is blown up to 50 feets through an opening in the rock.

Well-equipped rescue service

Waimea Circle Trek

Kauai Napali Trek

After an amazing month in Hawaii, I flew to New York.


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