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Maldives – Fulhadhoo Island

February 2020

This website is part of the description of my journey through the Baa Atoll. Besides Fulhadhoo I visited the following islands: Fehendhoo, Goidhoo, Thulhaadhoo, Maalhos, Kamadhoo, Dharavandhoo and Dhonfanu. At the end of the website you will find the link to the next island.

Since there is no public ferry in the Giodhoo Atoll, I covered the 4 km from Fehendhoo to Fulhadhoo in a small private boat.

Like Fehendhoo, Fulhadhoo is a small island, only 2 km long, with less than 200 inhabitants and a few inns.

The island

The school with the slogan ‘Work hard to succeed’ on the gate.

Right next to the village a protected harbor is being built.

The way to the eastern end of the island, where the main snorkeling area is located.

The path to the western end of the island with the beaches.

The sandy beach is located at the southern side of the island.

The western end of the island

… and underwater

I met this Oriental garden lizard and even a rabbit on the beach.


The main snorkeling area is located in the northeastern part of the island and extends several hundred meters into the sea. Visibility is usually not very good near the shore. In the north-western part of the island there is a second smaller area where there is a constant westerly current, but which is manageable with fins.

A Lined surgeonfish

A Two-lined monocle bream

Forktail rabbitfishes

A Dusky gregory

A swarm of Gold-striped emperors

A Spotfin squirrelfish

and another one

A Blacktail grubfish

Bluefin jack, also called Bluefin trevally

A Humpnose big-eye bream

Two-spot banded snapper. This fish has no spots as the spots only occur in the juvenile phase.

Longfin batfishes

I saw this Whitetail stingray on several snorkeling trips always at the same place.

A Giant sweetlips

A Blackspotted puffer

Tiger cowrie seashell


Coral Garden / Rose Garden

Coral Garden or Rose Garden is a cluster of remarkable corals on the south side of the reef and is located about 800 meters west of Fulhadhoo Island. I reached this beautiful snorkeling spot with a boat. The current was strong, so I could only move around the snorkel area with strong fin strokes. The spot is really beautiful and was a highlight of this Maldives trip.

Threadfin butterflyfishes

Sabre squirrellfishes

Left a Raccoon butterflyfish, right a Sabre squirrellfish

A Queen rainbow wrasse

Violet soldierfishes, also called Lattice soldierfish

An Ornate wrasse

A Slingjaw wrasse

A Peacock rock cod

An Oriental sweetlips


Forest crabs

A Red hermit crab

There are hundreds of these crabs on every beach

They hide in their cave in case of danger

I enjoyed Fulhadhoo very much . The Coral Garden is definitely worth a visit. As the beach is continuous on one side of the island, it is possible to have walks on the beach that was not possible on Fehendhoo. Moreover, the bikini beach is closer to the village than on Fehendhoo. On the other hand, the sunsets were not really worth seeing because of the disturbing sandbank in front and the diffuse light.

With a private boat I traveled on to the island Goidhoo.


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