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September / October 2022

Pictures from my Turkey trip in autumn 2022. The text will follow later.

Göreme – Cappadocia

Hike from Göreme to Göreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum

Hike from Göreme Open Air Museum to Göreme National Park

Through a deep gorge

Göreme National Park

Hacli Church

Rose Valley

Göreme after sunset

Balloon ride over the Zelve Open Air Museum

Ihlara Valley

Selime Cathedral

View of Göreme

A culinary specialty: stew from the clay pot

Hike from Göreme to the Fairy Chimneys

Love Valley

Fairy Chimneys


A generous breakfast

Mermerli Beach

Antalya Archeology Museum

Konyaaltı Halk Beach

Hadrian’s Gate

Lower Düden Waterfall

View from Karaalioglu Park


The remains of the Apollon temple

Manavgat waterfall

Aspendos archaeological site

Perge archaeological site


Boat tour to Kekova Island


Amintha’s rock tombs

Castle of Fethiye

Fish market

The abandoned city of Kayakoy

Ölüdeniz Beach

Cable car to the mountain Babadağ

With impressive views over the coast

Boat tour around Fethiye

Fethiye Archaeological museum


Great view from my colleague’s house

Bodrum Castle with the Museum of Underwater Archaeology

A drinking cup

Ada I – The ruler lived 2’400 years ago and was buried with a gold crown

Various types of amphorae found on the seabed and on the ships.

A rediscovered ship from the year 1’025 had glassware and over 3 tons of raw glass on board.

Bodrum Beach

Pamukkale and the ancient cities of Hierapolis and Laodicea

Lime terraces of Pamukkale

I was the first to enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site at 6:30.

Later there were already more people.

and in the afternoon all hell broke loose.

A closed area without tourists

The ancient city of Hierapolis

The tomb of the apostle Philip. He was crucified upside down in Hierapolis at the age of 85 as a martyr for his faith.

The theatre

The cemetery

On the right side at the wall is an urinal

The ancient city of Laodicea


The ancient city of Aphrodisias

The huge stadium

In the background you can see the 170-meter-long pool, on the sides of which were columns and palm trees.


Basilica of St. John the Apostle

This is where the Apostle John found his final resting place. Archaeologists believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus, also spent her last years at this place.

A baptismal font

The castle of Selcuk

Ephesus archaeological site

Celsus library

I was again one of the first, which allowed me to take this photo without people. Just 15 minutes later this would have been impossible.

The Celsus Library a few hours later

The huge theater could seat over 20,000 people!

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

The most important deity in Ephesus was the goddess Artemis

The Church of the Virgin Mary

Built in the 3rd century, it was the first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary  and it was here that the 3rd Ecumenical Council was held in 431 AD.

Dozens of coaches bring tourists, often from cruise ships, to Ephesus.


The village of Sirince

Turkish coffee: The ground coffee is stirred directly into the hot water.

Nesin Mathematics Village

Nisanyan Rock Tomb

In 2012, best-selling Turkish author Sevan Nişanyan unveiled his rock tomb, an eight-by-five-meter Ionic facade modeled on ancient Lycian rock tombs, like the ones I had seen in Fethyie. Born in 1956, Sevan Nişanyan is still alive.

I traveled back to Switzerland after four weeks in Turkey.

I enjoyed my stay very much. This was greatly due to the Turkish people, who I found to be friendly, helpful and honest.