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Vitantonio Lombardo – Matera, Italy

October 2021

I visited the ‘Vitantonio Lombardo’ restaurant during my Puglia trip in September and October 2021.

The restaurant is awarded with one Michelin star.

I kindly received the description of the courses from the restaurant.

As usual in Matera, this restaurant was located in a cave called Sassi.

It was possible to look through a window into the kitchen.

Greetings from the kitchen

Tagliolini of the King Shepard: Milk, Lime, Spring Onion and Caviar Osetra

Drone View of the Murgia: Fava Beans, Chicory, Oyster and Green Apple

Summer’s Cialledda: Bread, Watermelon, Tomato, Onions, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Octopus, Gin

Cold and Warm of Cod and Crusco Pepper

I dropped the Egg in the Garden – 2013

Liquid Ricotta Raviolo with Sea Urchins, Cinnamon and Yellow Tomato

Pizza in “Black” – 2012 – Dedicated to Davide Scabin

Fusilloni in Lamb Sauce “Frish Tak” Style with Mint and Chilly

Suckling Pig with Tuna Sauce (Spinach, Hollandish Sauce and Katsuobushi)

Pigeon in Three Parts – Eggplants, Anchovies and Dark Chocolate

The Last Kiss – Manjari, Pomegranate, Hazelnuts and Wasabi

Along with the dessert, I received these headphones with the appropriate music.

Peach Sorbet with Aglianico Honey and Almonds crumble with Ginger


A wonderful evening!