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Hiking on the Göscheneralp, on the Barrhorn and at the Aletsch glacier

August 2023

I spent the hottest days of the summer in the mountains and hiked on the Göscheneralp, climbed the Barrhorn (3’610 meters) in the Turtmann Valley in Valais, Switzerland and enjoyed the longest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier.



Göscheneralp in the direction of Dammahütte

Ascent of the Barrhorn (3’610 meters) in the Turtmann Valley, Valais, Switzerland

View from the Turtmannhütte, where I stayed 2 nights

A look back during the ascent. The path is steep and the air has less oxygen at this altitude.

The summit with brilliant views

From the summit to the other side

Butterflies and other insects also love the area.

This man with a prosthesis also reached the summit!

Back at the Turtmann hut with best light

Because of the heat, the water flows out of the glacier in flash floods.

On the descent the next morning, in the foreground Lake Turtmann

Suonen, ancient water channels in the Baltscheid Valley

Aletsch glacier, the longest in the Alps

View of the Aletsch Glacier from Moosfluh (between Bettmeralp and Riederalp in the canton of Valais, Switzerland)

Since thunderstorms were announced, I returned home after five impressive days.